When is the Best time to Sell my House?

by Jan 10, 2023Home Selling Advice

If you want to know when is the best time to sell your Home in Boston or the Greater Boston area then this blog is for you.

Here’s a common myth that many of us believe to be true- Everybody thinks of the springtime as the kick off of real estate, and therefore many sellers wait to list their home. They want the grass to be green, the flowers to bloom, and not have people going through their house with slush-that last one I can understand, but its still not a good enough reason to hold off on listing.

Here’s what happens on January 1st. Everybody wakes up and opens up Zillow, realtor, redfin whatever site, and says this is the year we go from renting to owning, we upgrade our home, we need more space, we need an office, we want a bigger yard, kids are gone and we want to downsize, we want a town with better schools, we are done living at home, whatever the reason. Buyers are ready to roll January 1st, and if you list in those first few months of the year you have no competition from other sellers.

The market resets on January 1st, and because so many new buyers enter the buyer pool, it can create a sense of urgency and bidding wars which gets sellers some of the highest prices of that entire year. January, February, March are the best times historically to sell your house in the Boston and greater Boston area.

Now you may be thinking…we have kids in the school system and we want them to finish out the year. If that is in the position you’re in, then here’s the game plan. We list your house at the end of February or beginning of march, ask for a 60 day closing, followed by a 59 day leaseback, which at a minimum gives you 4 months to finish out the year, and if the house takes a little longer to sell then we can shorten up that leaseback period.

My best piece of advice is to take Nov + Dec to get your home ready, have your realtor get all the marketing material done in that time frame and be ready to list come the new year.