More Money, Less Hassle.


When it comes to selling real estate, Dmitriy knows that every property is unique and deserves to have it’s story told. That is where Dmitriy’s expertise and 15 step, tailored marketing plan comes into play. From presentation and staging, to drone photography, to social media marketing; those are just a few steps in the marketing plan that is used to sell your home, investment, or new development.

“My goal when selling real estate is to make sure the property is always presented in its best light. I want to get as many eyes looking at it, as many people as possible talking about it, and generate an incredible amount of interest and exposure around the property”

From years of experience selling real estate in and around Boston, Dmitriy brings a very analytical, data-driven, and thought-out plan when selling your home. He meets with clients well ahead of when they are ready to sell; to talk through his strategy on everything from pricing and showing the property, to what they can expect the offer negotiation process to entail. Most times, this is the most important transaction in someone’s life, and Dmitriy is there every step of the way to ensure success.