Building wealth through real estate

As a someone who has multiple real estate investments, Dmitriy believes in being able to generate passive income and leveraging real estate assets to create wealth. He has 10+ years of professional experience with leasing property in and around Boston including leasing his own personal real estate investment properties.

When looking for an investment property, it comes down to the numbers: purchase price, mortgage payment, expected appreciation and current market rents. Dmitriy knows what to look for in an investment property and can advise on smart renovation upgrades that will elevate the unit, as well as recommend contractors and sub-contractors.

As with all of his listings, Dmitriy brings a high level of marketing in both presentation of the property and ways to differentiate your rental from the rest.

After years of personal experience, Dmitriy can offer tangible steps and guidance on what to look for in a potential tenant and how to secure a high quality one.