Strategies For Buying a Home in the Greater Boston Area

by Jul 27, 2022Home Buying Advice

This was the second purchase in two years for Tom and Lisa (not pictured). The property had been under contract two times before we went to see it, and instead of being scared off, we had a conversation with the listing agent about what happened. Turns out both times the deal fell apart for legitimate reasons.

We were able to get an offer accepted on Memorial Day weekend (more on that below), and below asking, even with a recent price drop. Now my clients will begin renovations on the property and I can’t wait to see the final outcome.

Here are the strategies our clients implemented in order to land a single family home for $200,000 less than the median price for single family homes in Milton:

-Looking at homes on a Holiday weekend (when most buyers are not looking) and submitting an offer quickly.
-Looking a house that was previously under agreement and back on the market. Buyers back out for many different reasons, and in this fast moving market many times it’s simply because of cold feet. While most think there is something wrong with the house, all you need to do is ask the listing agent why the home is back on the market.
-Looking at a house that needed updating. The location was great. The curb appeal fantastic. The house had the size my clients wanted. All it needed was an interior refresh and some work on the room above the garage. Right now, because of the cost of labor + supplies, and delays in materials, buyers pay a huge premium to purchase a newly built/just renovated home. If you have patience (and a little vision) you can save a lot of money upfront, and then build more equity than you spend, by doing the work after the home is purchased.

This was an amazing job by Tom and Lisa; employing multiple strategies that we discussed; holiday shopping, looking at homes that need work, looking at homes that have been sitting on the market, in order to land a home they are really excited about, in a community they wanted to be in, and for a very good entry point in that specific town.

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