Living in Arlington, MA

by Oct 17, 2022Town Spotlights

If you want to live close to Boston, in a town with great restaurants, great schools, public transportation, and amazing location to everything then Arlington is it. Located six miles outside of Boston it has a population of about 45,000. Surrounding it are the towns of Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, Winchester, Belmont, and Lexington.

With an “A” rating on it’s school system from Arlington has 7 elementary schools, a 6th grade only school, middle school, and a brand new $220 million dollar highschool being constructed. Public transportation via buses make getting around town and into Cambridge or Boston very convenient, especially with Alewife Train station in Cambridge near by.

Arlington has countless parks, including Menotomy rocks, Robbins farm and play ground, spy pond park, Thorndike park, McClennon park, and Hill’s Hill. A big draw of the town is it’s urban/suburban feel because even though it’s a suburb of Boston and there are many single family homes, the density and feel of the town brings a lot of energy and makes it feel like you are not far away from the hustle of bustle of Boston.

If you are someone who likes delicious food and having plenty of dining options then Arlington is the town I recommend moving to. The majority of restaurants, cafes, shops, and local business’s are located on Mass Ave which runs down the middle of Arlington, and is home to Blue Ribbon BBQ, Acitron, Tryst, Mr. Sushi, Starbucks, Cafe Nero, Butternut Bakehouse, Quebrada Bakery, kickstand cafe Venice Pizza, Olympic Pizza, and Otto Pizza; just to name a few. Cooking at home? You have the choice Whole Foods, Stop N Shop, and Trader Joes along with smaller deli markets.

Located about 25 minutes from downtown Boston, 20 minutes from Assembly Row, and 15-20 minutes from Burlington’s 3rd Ave, the town has access to all local highways which gives you multiple options to get into Boston and local shopping areas.